Getting ready for a photo session can be stressful. I totally get that, but it doesn't have to be! Follow these steps below for a successful photoshoot! 

1. Let's talk wardrobe.

I always suggest to my clients to wear neutral colors, simple, no patterns or bright colors or anything that will distract from the point of the photo, which of course is you! I always ask my clients to lay out their outfits and send me a text. Then we can decide if everything goes together or may not photograph the best. I also have a full closet of clothes for moms and kids to choose from! I recommend to pick 1 person in the shoot to dress first, and then coordinate with that one person. But again, lay it all out and text it to me! 

2. Let's talk kids.

First of all, I have two of my own so, I get it. I get that kids don't always want to participate or get crabby or say embarrassing things, but again, I get it. Here's my request. Let me deal with the moment. I have tricks and games that "usually" work, and if not, I am not above bribery! So please have something handy, candy, suckers, cash whatever! But my number one rule while with me is NO YELLING AT YOUR KIDS (OR HUSBANDS)! Let them be crazy and wild and funny. I want them to have fun. I promise we will get there. We will always get there. So don't stress. I got you!

3. Let's talk Newborn Sessions. 

Getting ready for your newborn session is simple, I only ask a few things. Try to keep baby awake as long as you can before our session. If you are coming to my studio, please come 15 minutes early so we can play and keep baby entertained for a bit. Also, be ready to feed the baby at the start of the session so we have a nice full tummy. Don't worry about bringing anything but your diaper bag and milk (bottle or breast) readily available. If I am coming to you, please turn your heat up to about 80 an hour before I get there. 80? Yes, 80. We want baby to be happy and cozy and warm, so crank it up! Also try to de-clutter as much as possible in the rooms we will be shooting in. Please keep baby in a loose diaper to avoid any wrinkles on their little tushies and loose clothes that are easy to get off. 

4. Let's talk scheduling.

Newborn Sessions are done within 10-14 days of baby’s arrival. Almost all my family sessions are done at sunrise or sunset at a fabulous location we decide on together. If we are doing a mini or a newborn, we will pick a time best for the little one. Please always arrive 15 minutes early so your family has time to warm up  to me. My late/cancellation policy is based upon lighting/weather and manners. If the weather is bad, or the sun is setting sooner/later we will plan accordingly. If someone is sick and you need to reschedule just give me as much notice as possible. If you're late, just simply late, please note I will not extend the session time.